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Toyota Hilux MK8 2015- 2.8D 130KW 177PS >225PS Racechip Ultimate Chip Tuning Box

  • Toyota Hilux MK8 2015-
  • Racechip Ultimate Tuning Box
  • Power Increas - 177PS >> 225PS
  • 2 Year Engine Warranty*
  • 5 Year Product Warranty
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Racechip Ultimate Chip Tuning Box (See Above Item Specifics For Power/Torque Increases)
  • 100% Plug-in
  • Easily removed / Trace-less
  • Autobahn tested
  • Safe - TUV Certified 
  • New ARM Cortex III™ High-End Processor
  • High Quality FCI-Automotive Plug
  • Fiberglass reinforced casing
  • Easy Do-it-yourself installation with included instructions
  • Fuel saving of upto (1 Litre Per 60 Miles*)
Racechip Ultimate
The RaceChip Ultimate is our latest development. Equipped with a high-quality 48 MHz processor, a glass fibre reinforced casing and FCI-automotive-plugs, it really is the best what Chiptuning can offer: pure driving pleasure!
Racingly fast performance supply
The intelligent high-end processor ARM Cortex III™ is a micro controller of the Cortex- series made by ARM and is enormously powerful. With its 48 MHz-clocking, it’s the heart of our RaceChip Ultimate. It needs very little space to provide its very high processing power. The processor only needs microseconds to react on slightest changes in performance.
Performance increase individually adjustable
We deliver your RaceChip Ultimate with a basic setting optimized for your vehicle type. You can adjust your RaceChip Ultimate individually to your requirements. Easily, fast and without tools. The increases in performance (up to 31 %) and torque (up to 26 %) as well as the fuel saving (up to 1 Litre / per 60 Miles)(Performance values may vary depending on the vehicle).
Fuel saving with Eco-Tuning
Depending on your personal road behaviour you can save fuel by installing the RaceChip Ultimate. Up to 1 litre per 60 Miles. And with an increase of performance at the same time. If you would like to account for fuel economy when programming your RaceChip® Pro2 tuning box. We recommend you adjust it smartly.
For highest safety and performance we have equipped the RaceChip Ultimate with professional FCI-plugs. These plugs are standard in automotive business. They are plug connections of the highest quality.
Fiberglass Reinforced Design Casing
The new heat-resistant casing made of fiberglass reinforced plastic results in perfectly protected electronics from adverse conditions. The compact dimensions allow you to install RaceChip® Ultimate easily and without special tools or specific automotive knowledge.
Advantages at a glance – Why go with RaceChip next generation performance modules:
  • RaceChip is a next generation stealth plug-in performance solution which cannot be seen by car dealers
  • RaceChip will not overwrite your vehicle’s original software
  • RaceChip leaves no traces
  • RaceChip can easily be removed before service appointments
  • RaceChip is a plug and play solution, installed by customers in minutes
  • RaceChip can be adjusted in power
  • RaceChip is Dyno proven, developed and manufactured in Germany
  • RaceChip uses original OEM plugs, no wire splicing
  • RaceChip runs custom software on an actual microchip inside the module. Developed for each engine type and model
  • RaceChip has access to the finest engineers in Germany with in-depth knowledge about those TDIs, CDIs, TFSIs and twin turbo engines you have come to love so much, getting the best performance and reliability for you
  • RaceChip is ideal for leased vehicles and can be sold after you swap vehicles (unlike obd software flash based chip-tuning where you would lose all of your investment.
  • RaceChip is market leader in Europe and a strong performer in international markets
  • RaceChip comes with a 2 year warranty on the module
What is Chiptuning?
Chiptuning is an innovative way to increase your vehicle’s speed and performance, while also improving gas mileage. It works by using one of two methods—either an electronic control module (power box) or OBD tuning—to modify the electronic control unit (ECU) attached to your vehicle’s engine. The ECU is the standard “black box” that provides signals for ignition, injection and exhaust regulation to the engine.
The RaceChip® uses the electronic control module (power box) approach to chiptuning because it eliminates risk and requires no software alterations.
The benefits of the external control module approach
You or a mechanic can install a compact external control module through an original manufacturer’s plug, without making any modifications to either the engine or the ECU. The external control module simply alters the ECU input’s signals in real time, while optimizing the engine maps several thousand times per second. The result is immediate and obvious performance improvement and, in many situations, decreased fuel consumption.  
The best part of external control module chiptuning is that it keeps all motor protection programs intact, eliminating the risk of overloading certain engine components. Your vehicle’s original software doesn’t change, so its maximum speed limit (V-Max) remains valid.  
While regular OBD software tuning can be detected by the vehicle manufacturer and logged in your service record, RaceChip leaves no traces when removed from the engine compartment.
OBD chiptuning and the risks involved
The other form of chiptuning, called on-board diagnostic (OBD) tuning, involves altering the original vehicle software—sometimes even replacing the original chips. While OBD tuning can be canceled at the same time that the V-Max is reached and often results in higher performance and speed, it also allows motor protection functions to be turned off, significantly increasing the risk of engine damage.
Plus, changing the software takes away vehicle diagnostics, which makes for more difficult repairs because auto technicians are unable to read error codes. You also cannot self-adjust OBD tuning, and so every time you want to make a change, you have to go directly to the tuner itself.
For these reasons, the RaceChip uses the external control module approach rather than OBD chiptuning.
RaceChip Chiptuning module Installation
No matter which RaceChip® module you choose, its is easy to install. For most vehicles it only requires about 15 minutes to install – no special tools and without in depth automotive knowledge. All you have to do is connect the RaceChip® module’s two plugs to the engine and its control unit and fix it to the engine compartment, and let the fun begin. 
Notify your Motor Vehicle Insurer of RaceChip Installation.
Installing a RaceChip may impair your motor vehicle’s insurance coverage. For this reason, you will need to notify your motor vehicle insurer prior to installation.
  • Answer: Engine damage? Not with us.
The RaceChip is an additional control device. This means, it modifies and optimises the values of the manufacturer’s engine control unit and thus increases the performance of the vehicle. However, this performance increase is always in line with the technically feasible scope.

Engine protection functions are not bypassed or deactivated, therefore adverse values are detected and blocked by the engine control unit. So, you don’t have to worry about the engine, gear and other vehicle components.
a) Installing a RaceChip shall cause you to forfeit warranty claims in respect of the engine against the motor vehicle’s warrantor.
b) Installing a RaceChip may adversely affect warranty claims against the seller of the motor vehicle.
  • Answer: Warranty Problems are easy to avoid
It has already been mentioned above why you don’t have to worry about damages on the engine and gear. To avoid problems during service or other repairs you can remove the RaceChip within a few minutes.

The vehicle can be brought to the retailer in its original condition without further costs and efforts. And after the appointment the module can be quickly reinstalled. The only disadvantage: Unfortunately you have to drive the way to the garage and back without a performance boost..
*Please double check vehicle details and also attach your "vehicle registration number" in the notes to seller section when purchasing (uk)
*Please double check vehicle details and also attach your "car vin/chassis number" in the notes to seller section when purchasing (international)
Buyur is 100% liable for checking fitment and purchasing the correct Racechip, As you can understand we assume you will know your own car better than us so Haz Motorsport will not be held liable if the wrong racechip is purchased.
*Please note:  The majority of Racechip's are processed straight away, but occasionally some applications have to be special ordered which may take upto 7 working days direct from Germany. If there will be any delays on your order you will be informed within 24 hours.
* Haz Motorsport Limited will not be held liable for any damages, repairs, losses and claims held or incurred by the consumer/buyur regards to any Racechip Product. The Buyur acquires and accepts all responsibilty when purchasing any Racechip products and agrees to all terms and conditions of this sale.
Racechip Products Distributed By Haz Motorsport

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Racechip
Manufacturer Brand Racechip
Manufacturer Part Number HiluxMk82.8D-RCU
Important Vehicle Notes Toyota Hilux MK8 2015-
Vehicle Standard Power 130kW / 177PS / 420Nm
Vehicle Racechip Tuned Power 160KW / 225PS / 533NM
Engine Type Common Rail Turbo Diesel
Racechip Type Racechip Ultimate
Country/Region of Manufacture Germany
Certificate Tuv Certified
Warranty 5 Years
Engine Warranty 2 Years*


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