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Vw Golf MK7 R / GTI / Audi S3 8V Pipercross Induction Air Filter Intake Kit k&n

Vw Golf MK7 R / GTI / Audi S3 8V Pipercross Induction Air Filter Intake Kit k&n
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Pipercross Induction Air Filter Kit - PK378 And Instructions To Fit

Quick Overview
  • More Power (Bench tested for improved fuel economy, power and torque outputs)
  • Sports Sound (Increases engine note – releasing the real noise of your engine)
  • Increased Air Flow (Triple layer foam design)
  • Washable & Reusable (easy cleaning no dirt caught like with V shaped filter grooves)
  • Longer lifespan before cleaning required, compared to original or cotton filters
  • Replace The Factory Airbox (Replaces the complete standard airbox and includes heat-shield to the conical filter)
  • Heat Shield Included (Maximum Bhp & Torque)
  • Includes full fitting kit and instructions for simple fitting
Triple Layer Foam Design
The low maintenance and long lifespan aspects of a Pipercross filter come from the special triple layer foam that is used on all of our air filters. The outer core is coarse foam designed to trap larger particles, the middle core is medium foam designed to trap most particles and the inner core is fine foam which will trap the remainder of the particles. The triple layer foam design ensures an exceptional level of engine protection in any conditions

Pipercross Intake Kit PK398

After some extensive development on our Mk7 Golf GTI / AUDI S3 8V kit Pipercross are now pleased to release our new intake kit. Incorporating a full custom made, light weight aluminium heat shield, large open cone filter with full radius spinning. We used our flow bench to test the system throughout the development stage comparing it to the OE unit, we managed to create a system that was less restrictive than the OE unit.

About Pipercross Induction Kits

Each Pipercross Induction kit is an air intake system designed specifically for your car. Research, development and testing is carried out on every kit to ensure that the product we make performs well, looks fantastic and is easy to fit.

The 150mm outer diameter base we use for Induction kits and Viper intakes create laminar air flow to keep air turbulence to a minimum. Turbulence causes drag which slows the airflow down and limits the flow rate of any induction system. Air filter units without a full radius edge create turbulence, thus reducing their effectiveness.

At the heart of the Pipercross air filter is a specially developed polyurethane foam which acts as the filtration medium, having both higher performance and life expectancy than paper. Pipercross reticulated foam is created by a chemical reaction - it's placed in a gas filled combustion chamber where a controlled explosion burns away any complete cell walls in the material to form a strictly quality controlled skeletal cellular structure

This process, ensures that the foam consists of tiny open cells which trap contaminants to protect your engine against even the harshest of environments without compromising air flow.

About Pipercross
Pipercross has been making high performance air filters for the motor sport and domestic markets for over 25 years. Based in Northampton, England, Pipercross is situated in the country along with some of the biggest names in motorsport engine design and manufacture in the world.

Haz Motorsport

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Pipercross
Manufacturer Brand Pipercross
Country/Region of Manufacture United Kingdom
Manufacturer Part Number PK398
Air Filter Type Air Intake Kit


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